Investors that Attended in 2019

Over 300 attendees came from 15 states and 20 metros and walked away with excitement around the possibilities of investing in Dallas. 35% of the attendees were investors.

Chicago Ventures – Chicago, IL
CIBC Innovation Banking – Austin, TX
Collide Village – Dallas, TX
Collins Permian – Dallas, TX
Copia Investments – Dallas, TX
Copper Beech Capital, LLC – Dallas, TX
Cowtown Angels Member – Dallas, TX
Croft & Bender – Atlanta, GA
Crowdout Capital – Dallas, TX
Cypress Growth Capital – Dallas, TX
Delta-v Capital – Dallas, TX
Dundee Venture Capital – San Francisco, CA
Dundee Venture Capital – Omaha, NE
Ecliptic Capital – Austin, TX
Edison Partners – Princeton, NJ
Elm Park Capital – Dallas, TX
Flyover Capital – Overland Park, KS
Frist Cressey Ventures – Nashville, TN
Fulcrum Equity Partners – Atlanta, GA
Green Park & Golf Ventures – Dallas, TX
Hall Group – Dallas, TX
Health Wildcatters – Dallas, TX
Insight Partners – New York, NY
Insight Partners – Dallas, TX
Intelis Capital – Dallas, TX
Interlock Partners – Dallas ,TX
JF2 Capital – Dallas, TX
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P. – Los Angeles, CA
Knightsgate Ventures – The Woodlands, TX
Labora Group – Dallas, TX
LiveOak Venture Partners – Austin, TX
Lubbock Angel Network – Lubbock, TX
Mark Cuban Companies – Dallas, TX
MATH Venture Partners – Chicago, IL
Mawji Ventures – Dallas, TX
Mercury Fund – Houston, TX
Mirasol Capital – Dallas, TX
Montgomery Capital Advisors – Dallas, TX
Naya Ventures – Dallas, TX
Neptune Financial (NepFin) – Dallas, TX
NewRoad Capital Partners – Dallas, TX
Next Coast Ventures – Austin, TX
Noro-Moseley Partners – Atlanta, GA
ORIX Growth Capital – Dallas, TX
Pangea’s Edge Holdings, LTD РDallas, TX
Pappas Harris Capital – Dallas, Texas
Partners for Growth – Dallas, TX
Perot Investments – Dallas, TX
Perot Jain – Dallas, TX
Pritzker Group VC – CHICAGO
Quake Capital – Austin, TX
Radian Capital – New York, NY
Recurring Capital Partners – Austin, TX
RevTech Ventures – Dallas, TX
Robertson Opportunity Capital – Dallas, TX
S3 Ventures – Austin, TX
Sageview Capital – Palo Alto, CA
Shorewood Venture Partners – Dallas, TX
Silverton Partners – Austin, TX
Staley Capital – Boston, MA
Stonehenge Growth Equity Partners – New York, NY
Swashbuckler Capital – Lakeland, TN
Task Force X Capital – Charlotte, NC
TDF Ventures – Dallas, TX
Tech Wildcatters – Dallas, TX
The Bass Companies – Fine Line – Fort Worth, TX
True Wealth Venture Capital – Austin, TX
TXV Partners – Austin, TX
Unorthodox Ventures – Austin, TX
Venn Ventures & Roomored – Dallas, TX
Volition Capital – Boston, MA
Warburg Pincus – New York, NY
Westcott LLC – Dallas, TX
Winn Family Office – Dallas, TX